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The facts are unescapeable:

  • An average person can live without food for about 30 days
  • An average person can live without water for about 3 days
  • Without shelter, the environment can kill someone in as little as 30 minutes.

It is not surprising that the "first rule" for surviving a disaster is - find shelter!

But when disaster strikes, there is rarely time or resources available to build even modest shelters for all those that might be affected.

Shelter Box provides a solution. This organization is a global Rotary International project, supported by individuals, Rotary Clubs, and other organizations throughout the world. It has supported over one million survisors in seventy countries.

Each Shelter Box costs $1000. Several years ago the Lakewood Foothills Rotary Club Foundation decided to make the purchase of a Shelter Box one of their annual commitments. Once we purchase a Shelter Box we are sent a code for our box so we can track where throughout the world it has been sent.

Each Shelter Box contains a tent capable of housing 10 people and essential equipment that can be tailored to suit the needs and the climate where a Shelter Box is sent.

In most cases, the basic equipment includes:

  • A sturdy plastic box that can be used for other applications such as pure water collection and storage.
  • Blankets, gloves and ground cloths to protect against the cold.
  • Cooking utinsils and a stove that also serves as a tent heater.
  • Basic tools, such as a hatchet, hammer, pliers and other supplies.

Funding for a Shelter Box comes from our Club’s annual Peach Sale. Our Rotary Club’s participation is made possible by the generousity of our members, the community at large and the Club itself.

Shelter Box was started in 2000 by Rotarians who put into action the Rotary motto of Service Above Self. Even if you are not a Rotarian, consider making a contribution towards Shelter Box. Somewhere in the world, someone will thank you.

For more information about the Shelter Box program, please visit their website.