The Rotary Club of Lakewood Foothills is the sponsor of the annual award for the best District 5450 project related to water. 
This information provides an overview of the 2020 George K. Davis Water Award, to encourage your Club to identify an outstanding Water Project that your Club has sponsored, and encourage you to apply for this award.
2020 is the 19th annual award sponsored by the Lakewood Foothills Rotary Club, named for the late George K. Davis, Rotarian and Professor of Civil Engineering Technology.  This award is given to the District 5450 Rotary Club that has sponsored a significant Water Project for a community which increases:
  • Potable water,
  • Sanitation,
  • Hygiene,
  • Irrigation,
  • Prevention of flooding,
  • Prevention of soil erosion,
or a combination of these criteria. 
  • The deadline for the Water Project Award is May 1.
  • The Water Project Award is for a completed water project.
The following additional information is available on the District 5450 web site HERE
  • Detailed application information on the 2020 George K. Davis Water Project Award
  • Background on George K. Davis Water Award, including a list of the past 15 annual Water Awards.



1200 in-home water filters were constructed by our club members in Puerto Rico between September 8th-14th with the help of the Moca and Aguada, PR Rotary Clubs and local residents. The impact of these filters means over 3600 Moca residents ( 9% of the population) now have safe water to drink. Special appreciation goes to our in-country Adminstrator, Julio Rivera and Moca Mayor, Kiko Avil├ęs.
With the recent earthquakes in January of 2020, the WaterRico Project allocated 100 of the undistributed (~200) filters from Phase 3 for emergency assistance to towns outside of Moca. These 100 filters will be used as community filters and used by many citizens who do not have clean water due to widespread power outages and no running water.