Speaker Date Topic
Marny Eulberg Jun 09, 2020
Polio Plus
Ross Hammond Jun 16, 2020
Hearing Loss-the Silent Epidemic


Shari Storm Jun 23, 2020
How to Work Together When You Can't be Together

I’ve been a Rotarian for over a decade and the Program Chair of my club (Rotary Club of Emerald City) for seven years. I’m a professional public speaker and a management consultant from Seattle. I speak on how anyone can be a better manager and Rotary leader by using the skills we use to build strong families. My talk is relevant, engaging and very funny. I’ve presented to over 150 clubs across the country, including clubs like Downtown Yakima which has over 300 club members. I have presented at three district conferences and a President Elect Training. I’ve also presented at such companies as Costco Wholesale, F5 Networks, and Air Tahiti. I have developed a new presentation: How To Work Together When You Can’t Be Together Social distancing creates all sorts of stressors on working relationships. Learn a few tips that you can use to ensure you interact with your co-workers, club members, or anyone else, with grace and empathy. Small changes in the way you communicate can have a long lasting impact on the connection you have with those you value the most. If your club is like our club, you’ve moved to meeting via zoom or webex. I’m an expert at online presentations and can fill in at a moments notice. I'd love to send you my speaker page to see if you are interested. Stay safe, healthy, and sane in these crazy times. Yours in Rotary.

Caleb Guilliams Jun 30, 2020
The Silent Wealth Killers we aren't Taught in School

Practical advice on the steps one can take to instantly improve one's financial status. See Caleb Guilliams story and the stages he has spoken on at his website:www.calebguilliams.com 

John Lanza Jul 14, 2020
Raising money Smart kids, particularly if you just had a wage reduction

 JOHN LANZA John is a well-known expert with over a decade of experience talking to parent groups and credit unions about the importance of raising money-smart kids. John teaches the value of starting money-smart conversations early and empowering youth and families to be wise about their finances. John is an award-winning speaker and long time member of the Downtown Los Angeles Toastmasters.
Author of The Art of Allowance and creator of The Money Mammals and Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club for credit unions, John is a wellknown expert on youth financial literacy. John and his materials have appeared in the NY Times, LA Times and The Wall Street Journal. John has also been a featured guest on popular podcasts like The His & Her Money Show and The Money Jar. In his free time, John hosts The Art of Allowance podcast.
These keynote/breakout topics can be helpful for your group. Growth Through Financial Literacy The fight for the teen market is a fierce one. Members in their teens and early twenties are vital to any credit union. They are the members looking for their first credit card, car loan, and eventually home loan. What is the best way to capture the teen market? To win the hearts and minds of members BEFORE they become a teenager. Learn the secret to building a solid pipeline of young members and fulfilling the credit union principal of providing member education. Raising a Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Child John shares practical and time-tested advice and techniques from his new book, The Art of Allowance, to help parents teach their kids to make smart money choices, set and save for goals, and avoid becoming materialistic. This presentation is geared toward parents, but can be used as a “Train the Trainer” for credit unions who want to offer financial education to their members.
Paramount Studio Monterrey Hills PTA Youthify! (Extra
 Credit Union) Cornerstone Credit
 Union League The National Youth
 Involvement Board Los Angeles Public Library Dad’s Edge Alliance Larchmont Charter School F&A Federal Credit Union Service Credit Union
John Lanza is on a mission to help families raise money-smart, money-empowered kids so that they can live happier, more fulfilled lives. To that end, he has written The Art Of Allowance along with three other children’s picture books. John is the creator and Chief Mammal of The Money Mammals, an award-winning DVD and youth savings account program, all built around the core Money Mammals Mantra; “We’ll Share & Save & Spend Smart Too!” John’s mission began with a simple question “How can we raise our kids to be money smart?” He and his wife quickly realized that financial literacy was vital not only for their own six-month-old, but for all families and The Money Mammals were born - a pioneering program to get kids excited about becoming money smart.
1. Teaching kids about money 2. Common allowance facts and myths 3. Freeing yourself from stuff 4. Establishing a framework for        money smarts
1. What are the building blocks to learning about money? 2. What are some of the myths about giving an      allowance? Is it a handout? Should it be tied to     chores? How much should a parent give? 3. What is the best age to start teaching kids    about money? 4. How can I teach my kids to view money as tool       ather than a goal? 5. How early do children start learning about being    a consumer?
6. How can I teach my children to distinguish     between needs and wants? 7. What are the biggest mistakes that people make     when it comes to teaching kids about money? 8. What can I do if I’ve waited to start until my child    is a tween or teen? 9. What are some of the other things that kids can       do with money besides spend it?
Then The Great Recession hit. It further underscored the need for financial literacy learning for all Americans and it provided the backdrop for John to begin testing out the basic tenets of what would become The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids with his kids, now fifteen and twelve. With so many families falling prey to the dangers of our consumer-oriented society, John

Ray Story Jul 21, 2020
Bees Gone Wild

Ray offers live bee removal and consulting services. Feral honey bees pose a danger to native bees and the ecosystems that depend on them.

Mary French Jul 28, 2020
The Dictionary Project

"Learn to Read, Read to Learn"




Dr. Scott Brown Aug 11, 2020

Dr. Scott is a retired neurologist and member of the Golden Rotary. He has a unique perspective on how brain health, physical health and financial health are intimately related. He is a behavioral investment adviser.


Dr. Jeff Brodsky Aug 25, 2020
Child Sex Trafficking

JOY and Jeff are active internationally in the fight against child sex trafficking. Bill Graf is active with the Barefoot Mile https://www.joy.org/barefoot-mile fundraising walk in Evergreen https://www.joy.org/barefoot-mile-events/2020/6/27/mountain-community-barefoot-mile which is scheduled for Saturday morning, August 29.  There is also a Barefoot Mile on Saturday, July 25 in Littleton at Clement Park https://www.joy.org/barefoot-mile-events/2020/7/25/colorado-barefoot-mile .