Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Alice Neumann, MD Dec 06, 2022
Honduran Water Project

Dr. Neumann is a retired pathologist, She is anxious to give a presentation on her water project in a Honduran hillside slum. Her project is trying to increase the water frequency (currently only every 15-30 days for 2-4 hours) and cleanliness (currently contaminated). The organizations involved are Water Engineers for the Americas and Africa and a local Christian medical clinic, Clínica Esperanza. 

Contact information:: cell is 720-692-7209, alineumann@aol.com 

No Meeting Today/Christmas week Dec 20, 2022
Roxanne Dunaway Jan 17, 2023
Jeffco Prosperity Partners Program

This is a unique organization that invests in multigenerational families experiencing poverty to help them foster educational success and health wellbeing. JPP employs a two-generation, whole family approach that focuses equally and intentionally on services and opportunities for both parents and children.