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Demonstrating Service Above Self in Lakewood, Colorado since 1967

To Our Prospective Speakers -

We at Lakewood Foothill Rotary Club welcome speakers on a wide range of topics be they related to the community, world or general interest.

Our Calendar indicates what speakers will be giving a presentation for each meeting and right now, we are fairly well booked. Still, we do have a cancellation from time-to-time and future slots still need to be filled!

Speakers need not be Rotarians in order to make a presentation to our club and just be requesting to be a speaker does not guarantee our program chairperson will accept every request.

Also, if you and/or your business or organization does make a presentation to our club, we will add you to our Business Directory as a courtesy for your efforts!

To request being a speaker for our club’s meeting, please use our Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Can one person make a difference?

In 1905, a Chicago lawyer named Paul Harris had an outlandish idea for the time: provide service to others that might not directly benefit the person giving that service.

The idea became Rotary International and with over 1.2 million members today, Rotary does make a difference.

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