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 OVERDUE Standard dues and meals Qtr 2 Oct-Dec billing - ($50 dues & 12 meals)
 OVERDUE 50% attendance option Qtr-2 Oct- Dec billing - ($50 dues & 6 meals)
 OVERDUE No meals option Qtr-2 Oct-Dec billing - ($50 dues)
 OVERDUELeave of absence option Qtr 2 Oct-Dec billing - ($50 dues)
 Standard dues and meals Qtr 3 Jan-Mar billing - ($50 dues & 12 meals)
 50% attendance option Qtr-3 Jan-Mar billing - ($50 dues & 6 meals)
 No meals option Qtr-3 Jan-Mar billing - ($50 dues)
 Leave of absence option Qtr 3 Jan-Mar billing - ($50 dues)
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 * Lakewood Foothills Rotary Club Foundation PLEASE DONATE
 * The Rotary Foundation (RI) SUGGEST $25

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