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GREAT NEWS!! Acccording to the Rotary International Foundation, Lakewood Foothills Rotary Club had the highest per capita contribution in District 5450 for Polio Plus at over $164.00 per person. Our thanks to all our members who donated. The club was presented with a pair of Inscribed Red Boxing Gloves at the District 5450 Conference on April 29th following the Polio Plus presentation by Carl Tinstman, and the brief history by Grant Wilkens. 


THE GREEN MOUNTAIN H S CAPSTONE REVIEWS were this spring and members of our club were there to be on the review teams. We listened to graduating seniors give a presentation on their Capstone Projects. The projects are an optional activity for the students who work with a mentor in the community on a topic related to their Academy Pathway. Members of the community and GMHS use a standard rubric to give feedback to three or four students. This experience provides a vocational service to the students and gives our members a greater understanding of the Green Mountain H S Academy Program.

ANTI-BULLYING VIDEO contest was sponsored by our club along with South Jeffco Rotary for students at Bear Creek High School during the 2016-2017 school year. Several students submitted anti-bullying videos and all are excellent! Representatives from both clubs viewed the videos and met with the students. Monetary awards were given to winning students. Students and their families attended our meeting where we presented the prizes and gave our members an opportunity to view the videos and meet the students.

THE SCOTT METCALF AWARIS PRESENTED BY OUR CLUB EVERY YEAR for the best newly initiated Rotary service project by another club in our District. Last year we selected the Rotary Club of Boulder for their Reusable Water Bottle Filling Station Project. Working with the Boulder Valley Rotary Club as well as the Interact Clubs at Boulder High School and Fairview High School, they have awarded grants of $700 each to eight schools for the refilling station materials. They estimate that this project will save over 50,000 single use water bottles annually. 
OUR FOUR WAY TEST AT LONG VIEW HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT resumed in November when several members of the Club’s Four Way Test in the Schools Project continued their work for the current school year. Lakewood Foothills Rotarians have been conducting this activity for several years. They are trained as facilitators who then work with small groups of Long View students to teach them about the Four Way Test. Then students discuss how it could be applied to important decisions and problems in their own lives. This year students who had done the Four Way Test project in previous years spent time with Roger Pool giving their feedback on the project as we plan for the future. Our thanks to Harold Pratt, the project leader.  
AS PART OF A CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR CHILDREN PARTNERSHIP PROJECT WITH WARREN TECH STUDENTS AND STAFF we provided gifts to families of Metro West Housing Solutions from Warren Tech classes, with more gifts from WT also going to the Denver Indian Center. Our member’s gifts also went to the children of the Denver Indian Center. The Warren Tech efforts were organized by the students in the school’s National Vocational Technical Honor Society. Our Club’s work was lead by Jeremy Ryan and Marshall Turner. Gifts were delivered to both organizations following the Dec 16th meeting by several of our club members. Overall we provided gifts for over thirty families at MWHS with about another hundred gifts going to the children served by the DIC.
THANKSGIVING TURKEYS AND ALL THE DINNER FIXN’S were delivered to the Metro West Housing Solutions so 36 families could have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to all our members who donated turkeys and to the Lakewood Foothills Rotary Foundation for supporting the expense of the additional food. The Foundation is supported primarily by our annual Peach Sale. A special thanks goes to Jeremy Ryan for his leadership of this project. 
LAKEWOOD’S CIDER DAYS WAS THE FIRST WEEKEND OF OCTOBER at the BelMar Heritage Center and our club was operating the cider presses as we have for many years The pressing booth was open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM both days and it was "all hands on deck" again this year to keep the new presses going. We gave away several hundred samples and those attending brought in some apples from the local trees. Thank you go to the friends and family members of us Rotarians for helping out. Lastly our special thanks go to the hard working volunteers from the Heritage Center without whom we couldn’t have served all those who wanted to process their apples. Russ Gleason and Jeremy Ryan were the project leaders for our Cider Days project.
HELPING AT THE FINISH LINE OF THE REVEL ROCKIES MARTHON ON JUNE 12TH LAST YEAR was a community service project for Lakewood Foothills in Morrison. Members gOt there VERY early in the morning to help set up all of the finish line necessities like tables for  award medals, water and snacks, T-shirts and other support for the runners. During the race we helped the completers find their way to necessities like their gear pick up area, restrooms, and first aid. In addition we helped with crowd control and and guest support for spectators. Our congratulations to all the runners. Kit Swenby is our member who is the key contact for this event.


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